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gazetools is a collection of functions for processing and classifying eye gaze data.

To install:

  • the latest development version: devtools::install_github("ryanhope/gazetools")

Help topics


Sample gaze data from various tasks and hardware.

  • lc120
    Gaze data from a LC Technologies binocular eyetracker at 120 Hz.
  • smi
    Gaze data from a SMI RED 500 eyetracker at 500 Hz.
  • highspeed
    Gaze data from a SMI iView X Hi-Speed 1250 eyetracker at 1250 Hz.

Entry points

These are the main function people will be using.

Low-level utility functions

Helper function most people wont need to use directly.



  • Depends: data.table
  • Imports: methods, signal, zoo, ggplot2
  • Suggests:
  • Extends: