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gazetools is a collection of functions for processing and classifying eye gaze data.

To install:

  • the latest development version: install_github("ryanhope/gazetools")

Help topics


Example data sets.

  • lc120
    Gaze data from a LC Technologies binocular eyetracker at 120 Hz.
  • smi
    Gaze data from a SMI RED 500 eyetracker at 500 Hz.
  • highspeed
    Gaze data from a SMI iView X Hi-Speed 1250 eyetracker at 1250 Hz.
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    Gazetools logo


Classes used in the gazetools package


These are handy utilty functions.


Preprocessing functions for use before classification.

Classification Algorithms

Functions for classifying raw gaze data into events like saccades and fixations.

  • classify.V
    Gaze Data Classification (velocity)
  • classify.VI
    Gaze Data Classification (velocity-iterative)
  • classify.VA
    Gaze Data Classification (velocity-acceleration)
  • classify.MM
    Gaze Data Classification (mixture model)

Event Extraction

Functions to extract events from classied gaze data.

Regions of Interest

Functions for defining regions of interest used in event analysis.

Event Analysis

Functions to analyze gaze events.

Class Plot Methods

Functions for plotting classes used in the gazetools package.

Misc plotting

These are handy plotting functions, many specific to ggplot2.



  • Depends: methods, stats, sp
  • Imports: reshape2, ggplot2, depmixS4, signal, zoo, plyr, Rmisc, MASS, deldir, modeest, spatstat
  • Suggests:
  • Extends: